Who Are We Looking For?

We need you!  A good mentor is simply there.  We don’t care if you didn’t finish your bachelor’s degree – life gets in the way sometimes.  We don’t care if you were not popular in high school – the most interesting people weren’t.

Kids need to learn from life experience – and if you have that, you’re mentor material. Remember that our committed staff will guide you through any moments where you just aren’t sure how to move forward.

Mentoring Is... (3)

What is the Commitment?

One hour each week.  That’s all it takes to impact the life of a child.  If you can give a minimum of 60 minutes each week, are willing to push through early-match jitters and can keep an open mind, you’re mentor material.

Mentoring is not difficult.  In fact, we struggle to articulate how easy this service is without undermining the importance of the program.  Impact is made when mentors simply “show up.”

How Am I Matched?

The BCMP matching process is taken very seriously.  We want nothing more than to create a match that lasts well into the future.  We use a variety of tools to be sure that we get it right.

  • Information contained in your application is cross referenced with the information in our mentee’s application.  We look for similar interests, hobbies and traits.
  • During the application interview we learn a little about your personality type.  We also speak to the mentee and their family to learn what personality characteristics the mentee has.
Father and son enjoy playing basketball.

Fill Out Your Mentor Application

Click the “Mentor Application” button at the bottom of this page.  When you have finished the application, click the “Background Check” button.  For your security, this is a form that you download.  You can fill it out on-screen or print it and fill it out manually. Return the background check form by mail or email to the BCMP.

Complete a Mentor Interview

The interview is designed to get to know our mentors.  This helps us to match you with the right mentee.  It is meant to be informal, casual and conversational.  This is a great time to get your questions answered also, so start making a list!

Meet Your Mentee

We’ll facilitate your first meeting with your mentee.  We want to be sure that all parties understand roles and boundaries.  It’s also nice to have a third party there to break the ice. First meetings are done at a neutral location, usually at one of our partner locations.  We know there will be jitters.  We’re here to help you though those!

Safety Is Our First Priority

We will NEVER, under any circumstances, approve a mentor before receiving all required documents and meeting with the BCMP staff.  We will take every measure to ensure the safety of the children who participate in the Boone County Mentoring Partnership.  We want our process to be quick and efficient, but we will not compromise our processes to expedite an application.