Because Every Child Needs a Role Model

The BCMP was born in the hearts of Boone County community leaders who saw a gap in the support system of the youth that they serve. Seeing the need to ensure that each and every child has a strong role model, a mentoring program was formed. Students are referred from the school system and various other youth-serving organizations and are matched with a volunteer mentor who steps up for the child when a parent is unable to do so.

Because Mentoring Works

The statistics are strong.  Youth with mentors are more likely to be successful in school, more likely to be leaders in their communities and more likely to enter into young adulthood with opportunities for ongoing education and career choices.

At-risk youth who have a mentor are 52% less likely to skip a day of school and 55% more likely to enroll in college.  They are 46% less likely to use drugs.  Mentored youth are 81% more likely to play sports or participate in extracurricular activities.  Perhaps most importantly, however, is that youth who have a mentor show less symptoms of depression.  They tend to communicate better with their parents and trust them more.  (source:

Father and son or uncle and nephew, playing video games at home.

Because Boone County's Future Depends On A Vibrant, Engaged Community

It truly takes a village.  We must do more to nurture youth through their challenges, ensure their personal and educational development, and provide greater support in joining and contributing to our workforce. We need youth who are job-ready, both technically and where soft skills apply.  Mentored youth tend to have better attitudes toward work and begin to see, through exposure to their mentor, the importance of work ethic, punctuality, co-worker relationships and customer service.  Fewer dropouts equates to less of a financial strain on Boone County and ensures that community growth continues in a positive direction through engaged, contributing community members.

Because Doing Good Feels Good

The opportunity to change the course of a person’s life for the better is rare.  Yet, just by showing up, listening and caring, you are doing just that.  And it feels great!  Mentors are able to grow personally, learning about themselves as their relationship with their mentee evolves.  They gain a better understanding of the challenges and struggles faced by different socioeconomic classes.  Studies have shown as well that mentors’ relationships with their own children  improves and that they have improved productivity and attitudes toward work.

Grandmother And Granddaughter Baking In Kitchen
The Boone County Mentoring Partnership consists of three separate but cohesive mentoring programs.  Each program is unique, yet designed to seamlessly transition youth into the next, providing consistency and support.

Spark pairs youth ages 9-12 with volunteer mentors, who can serve as positive role models, encourage good decision-making and be a friend during times of need.   Youth often need support processing difficult emotions, improving communication skills, developing hobbies and interests, and improving self-confidence.

Ignite is designed for middle school youth and strives to foster caring and supportive relationships.  Mentor support to this group may include goal setting and allowing youth to realize their potential by helping youth develop their own vision for the future.

The Grad Coach program provides in-school support, resources and encouragement for high school students who risk not graduating on time with their peers.