You Are Capable of Changing the World

Do you believe you can change a life?  We do.  We see the benefits of 1:1 mentoring every day. Changing the expected outcome of an at-risk child takes no special degree and no financial investment.  It simply take a willingness to listen and a few hours each month.

The Boone County Mentoring Partnership makes it easy to mentor!  We provide guidance and act as a support system for our matches, but we realize that your time is valuable.  As a mentor, you may choose to participate in BCMP activities or you may choose to do your own thing.  Most matches evolve over time.

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Mentoring Is... (2)
Mentoring Is... (1)
Mentoring Is...

What is the Time Commitment?

You might be surprised to hear that mentoring’s positive impact can be seen in as little as an hour each week!  While we encourage more time spent with your match, we ask that you commit to this minimum amount so that we can be sure that every child who is part of the program receives the maximum benefit.


We Are Here For You

As a BCMP Mentor, you have a strong support team by your side, ensuring that you and your mentee have access to every resource possible to succeed.
Knowledgeable Staff
Knowledgeable Staff

Executive Director Matt Wilson holds a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. BCMP staff is prepared to address any concerns or questions you have along the way. We always encourage an open dialogue.


Participant safety of the youth we serve as well as our volunteer mentors is be at the core of our organization's values. Rest assured that as a BCMP mentor, you are covered under our liability insurance policy.


We want you to have fun with your mentee! We have partnerships with the Pacers, Indy Eleven, IMA, ISO and other events. We always pass these opportunities along to our matches, and when possible to their families.

The BCMP Model

The Boone County Mentoring Partnership consists of three separate but cohesive mentoring programs.
Each program is unique, yet designed to seamlessly transition youth into the next, providing consistency and support.

Spark pairs youth ages 9-12 with volunteer mentors, who can serve as positive role models, encourage good decision-making and be a friend during times of need.   Youth often need support processing difficult emotions, improving communication skills, developing hobbies and interests, and improving self-confidence.

Ignite is designed for middle school youth and strives to foster caring and supportive relationships.  Mentor support to this group may include goal setting and allowing youth to realize their potential by helping youth develop their own vision for the future.

The Grad Coach program provides in-school support, resources and encouragement for high school students who risk not graduating on time with their peers.